Care Calls and Visits

Care Calls and friendly visits are important points of connection.

Through community outreach and Care Calls, we reach older adults who will benefit from our services and empower them to ask for the help they may need. We seek to provide better service to more older adults and to forge personal connections with our members and volunteers. At the base of each of our services is the opportunity for tangible, meaningful connection- to build real relationships, to make true neighbors of people who live next door to each other. We don’t want our older adults to merely survive in their homes, we want them to thrive.  

Care Calls

A Little Help has both staff and volunteers who reach out to our members through weekly phone calls. Care Calls are casual check-ins and ensure we are in touch with those members who are feeling isolated in their homes and/or may not have family near. Calls also give us an opportunity to ensure members' needs are being identified. We have dedicated volunteers who work closely with our staff in reaching out to members as often as they'd like to be called. If you are interested in being a member of this team, please contact the office. 

Friendly Visits and Walks

A Little Help coordinates members of all ages to meet for friendly visits and to go on walks in the community. If you would like to spend some more time with a neighbor, please let us know.

Warm Welcomes

Our Warm Welcome volunteers greet new A Little Help members by visiting them in their homes or over the phone to share more about how A Little Help can provide assistance. If some needs are too large and complex for A Little Help to address, our Warm Welcome team will suggest resources, including other organizations and companies. This is one of our first steps in forging personal connections with our members.