A Little Help strives to enhance and sustain community - the psychological, spiritual, emotional, and physical weight a primary caregiver bears should be shared by the community, and our Care Share Program works toward that end. 

A Little Help's Care Share Program

Care Share is A Little Help’s response to the ever-present need for caregiver respite. Folks in any stage of caregiving know the heavy toll that being a primary caregiver for a loved one can place on an individual.   Being connected to other caregivers is critical, and Care Share creates a space where people in any stage of caregiving can share their experiences and get answers to their questions.  The program also provides a coordinating service for neighbors in the community who are graciously willing to share the care. 

While A Little Help already uses systems, assessment, and support tools for seniors in our daily work, Care Share represents a more focused effort to research and address caregivers' needs for connection, respite, support, and empowerment with  the help of the community.