A Little Help began in 2005 when a group of neighbors joined together to help older adults in their community age well at home. This model is based on the national Village Movement, which equips neighbors to deliver vital services, empowering seniors to age interdependently in their own homes, on their own terms. In 2007, A Little Help incorporated as a 501(c)(3) with the vision of neighbors connected across generations, creating strong communities.

In 2011, we hired the organization’s first full-time Executive Director, Dr. Paul Leon Ramsey, who has led us to many great successes, including: growth in member and volunteer participation; greater depth in quality and quantity of our services; professional board and staff recruitment; and fundraising through foundation grants, corporate partnerships, giving campaigns, individual donors, and events.

Under Dr. Ramsey's leadership, we have also expanded programming systems, capacity, and vision; improved service coordination and volunteer management; and improved branding, marketing, web presence, and strategic planning, visioning, and momentum.

In 2014, we received an empowering $30,000 grant from the Daniels Fund, which cemented our role as a leader in Denver, and Dr. Ramsay was appointed  Chair of the Commission on Aging for the City and County of Denver. A Little Help’s impact is continuing to expand by forging strategic partnerships with organizations and by growing geographically  as  our  population ages. With A Little Help, our seniors are connected to neighbors, experts on aging, and many  resources enabling them to thrive in their homes.

Since our founding, A Little Help has served hundreds of seniors and has engaged thousands of  community volunteers. Our mission is simple: to connect neighbors to help older adults thrive. 

This is a terrific story of a grassroots organization,  and it continues to unfold.




                                                                  The first A Little Help office in Wash Park (Formerly Wash Park Cares) in the                                                                                                                    of Washington Park United Church of Christ