Thinking Outside the Box when Socializing

Our Berthoud location is hosting a Reverse Ice Cream Social

Yes, you did read that correctly.  On Sunday, August 16th, instead of having people come out for a social gathering, we are bringing the ice cream and a little social to our members.

We are looking for 25 volunteers to help deliver, and if the members are comfortable come out and sit 6ft apart or more with a couple volunteers and enjoy some company and an ice cream treat. 

Sign up here to Volunteer

At A Little Help, we are doing everything possible to support our members as they do their part by staying safer at home




A Little Help encourages neighbors to pitch in on a local level, block by block, neighbor by neighbor, to help plant those seeds. Neighborhood picnics allow us to reach everyone: caregivers, outreach volunteers, event planners, meeting and activity leaders, and members of all ages. The number one quality of all of these good folks is the optimistic view that good neighbors create good neighborhoods and, in the process, change the expectations and quality of life for older adults and everyone else in their communities.