Intergenerational Social & Educational Activities

Becoming a part of A Little Help includes a variety of social and educational activities. Served members and volunteering members are encouraged to attend these community building events!

A Little Help has adapted a model that addresses the social and emotional needs of our age-segmented society by including social and educational events as part of our membership, as well as building intergenerational connections. Below are a few of the activites we have in our various locations.  Please contact us at if you are interested in starting a group in your neighborhood or would like to be a part of any of the below. 

Interest Groups

  • Book Groups  - Book groups are open to volunteers, members, and those not yet formally part of A Little Help. Book groups can be specific to certain sites, or can be open to all of the city. They can be held in churches, senior centers, community centers, libraries, or other appropriate community based locations that would be willing to donate the space for use on a regular basis. Book groups should occur monthly, for example on the last Saturday of the month at 11 am. This should be publicized on the newsletter calendar, with the information for the book that will be read that month.
  • Yoga - Yoga is one possible interest group that can be held on an ongoing basis, based on interest. In the Denver model, yoga is scheduled on a weekly basis, on the same day and time, at a yoga studio. Yoga is taught by a certified yoga instructor and modified for aging (chair yoga). Volunteers and members are both encouraged to attend, though seniors’ admission is discounted.

Creating new interest groups

  • Interest groups offered in each site and city should be offered based on the interests and needs of the population. Member feedback should be solicited on what interest groups they would like available to them.
  • Interest groups should occur on an ongoing basis, whether that means weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Interest groups can be free, or can be offered at a small cost if needed. If there is a fee for participation it should be as low as possible to cover the cost of providing the activity.

Picnics and Mixers

Picnics are held during the late spring through early fall, when weather permits outdoor events. Check out our calendar of events as the summer nears to find a picnic near you. 

Picnics maybe at picnic grounds, houses of members, volunteers, or board members.  Picnics are catered, and hosts, staff, and attendees are encouraged to bring beverages (beer, wine, etc). A picnic may be sponsored by a company so there is no cost to the attendee, if not sponsored there may be a small cost to attend the picnic. Attendees should RSVP with the total amount of people they are bringing a couple of days before the event, so that the caterer can provide an accurate amount of food. 





Holiday Party

The Holiday Party is held annually in December or end of November in each branch location and is an opportunity for everyone with a connection to A Little Help to gather and celebrate the holidays.  Board members, staff, volunteers, members, families, and anyone interested in learning more about A Little Help are all invited. The holiday party is not specific to a particular holiday, but is a celebration of the holiday season. The holiday party includes a catered meal and donation bar with wine and beer.