COVID-19 NOTE:  A Little Soiree involves a large group of people interacting together, which is counter to guidelines and requirements in place in Colorado and most other states. Therefore, we are postponing A Little Soiree. But don't worry, we'll reschedule as soon as it's safe for all involved!



Our 2019 Soireé was a huge success! Over 200 people attended to show their support for our mission, and they helped us gross over $90,000. We often talk about the one-on-one services and experiences A Little Help volunteers and members share and enjoy. However, it's easy to forget that we must also pay for things like office space, staffing, our proprietary Help Connect system, background checks, and the rakes and bags we use at Service Saturday! events. We are very proud to say that the majority of our funding is local- individuals and organizations like yours make all this possible. We thank you, and we appreciate you!



Click here to see a list of the benefits our sponsors enjoy before and during our Little Soiree. If you would like to be a sponsor, please contact Tanya@alittlehelp.org.