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Care Share, is A Little Help’s response to the ever-present need of respite for caregivers. Folks in any stage of caregiving know the often heavy toll that being a primary caregiver for a loved one can place on an individual. That load can’t always be held by one person- to know that there are other people who are going through the same thing by being connected to other caregivers in different stages is vital. Care Share creates a space where people in any stage of caregiving can share their stories and provides a coordinating service for neighbors in the community who are graciously willing to share the care. Care Share is a cooperative community where we can pool care resources through ALH’s coordination systems.


While A Little Help already has many examples of providing respite for primary caregivers along the way, we can now serve caregivers in a more purposeful way through the Care Share program. We already have the systems, assessment, and support tools for our seniors in place in our daily work; Care Share represents a refinement of these tools for caregivers as a much more intentional effort to research and address their needs for respite, support, and empowerment while caring for loved ones with the support of the community.

The Care Share program addresses the psychology of caregivers that is largely guilt-ridden; by alleviating that feeling with a friendly face who has volunteered to help, caregivers can feel a sense of connectedness to the community and a financial relief.

A Little Help’s core mission is enhancing and sustaining community- the psychological, spiritual, emotional, and physical weight that a primary caregiver carries needs to be shared by the community and the Care Share program strives to do just that. Join today to take advantage of this wonderful new program!