A Little Breakfast was a success and we were proud to have so many companies and organizations in attendance. 

On October 2nd, at our second annual A Little Breakfast, we not only launched and had a great deal of interest in our  “A Little Community,” a program that connects local businesses and organizations with local older adults through conversation and service. We also had Elizabeth Garner, State Demography Office, Department of Local Affairs start off the morning with an extremely interesting and insightful look at Colorado and Denver as it stands today and what we we will see in our future, as our demographics have changed and continue to change. Our keynote speaker, Catherine Anderson, Senior Vice President, Policy and Strategy with United Healthcare did a marvelous job discussing Medicaid and Medicare programs and answered questions related to healthcare in the workplace. 

Both of their presentations are available, if interested in receiving, please contact Tanya Matthias at tanya@alittlehelp.org to get their Powerpoint presentation emailed.


Thank you to our A Little Help Sponosrs. 










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