Application For Membership

At A Little Help, everyone is a member. Whether you're receiving services, providing them, or both.

If you're engaging with A Little Help and with your intergenerational neighbors, you belong!

If more than one individual living in your household, please complete with Family Last Name
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Please tell us what services you are interested in receiving and/or providing (check all that apply)

The only way A Little Help can operate is if there is a mutual respect among our members.

I understand that A Little Help is not solely a service provider but is also, and more importantly, a community. To that end, I will treat all members of A  Little Help with respect and can expect such in return.

If accepted, A Little Help reserves the right to cancel my membership if I am in violation of this community agreement.


I (we) waive any right or cause of action arising as a result of participation in A Little Help from which any liability may or could accrue against A Little Help or its officers, staff, and directors collectively or individually.

A Little Help reserves the right to utilize the contact information provided to share our mission with your contacts.

As you know, operation a nonprofit, even a volunteer-driven organization, costs money.  The average cost to navigate services for our seniors is $1,000/year.
That cost is greatly subsidized by the generosity of our grantmakers and members of every kind.  All of our members pay what they can.