Board Member

Marcy Greenslit

Marcy was instrumental in bringing A Little Help to Berthoud and has been a great supporter of our work in Northern Colorado. She has been — and will continue to be — a strong voice on our Board as we continue to grow in NoCo.

Marcy has been a fixture in the Berthoud community since she moved there with her family in 2002. Her training and experience have prepared her to lead A Little Help in growth. Marcy holds Bachelors degrees in zoology and medical technology, as well as a Masters degree in Gerontology. Her ten years experience as a medical technician gained her valuable experience not only in that field, but in uniquely understanding healthcare systems and communications. She has since served in human services, leading programs in nursing homes, assisted living, and hospice facilities. She also served four years as an ombudsman, honing her advocacy skills and passion. Marcy currently works as a Geriatric Care Manager for Action Healthcare, advocating and planning care for older adults across the Front Range. This has further honed her understanding of the critical roll A Little Help plays in keeping older adults active and engaged, inter- and independent. She is passionate about the role of A Little Help in people's lives, the impact of our mission, and sees no limitations on our continued growth.