Resources abound in Colorado's communities. Below are some of the many activities, benefits, and resources that you may be interested in exploring. They are not affiliated with A Little Help in any way, but you may want to give some of them a try.


Be sure to get acquainted with your local library. Libraries offer a wealth of events, classes, book clubs, special interest groups, and programs. And your librarian can help you find the answer to almost any question.


Podcasts are on-line conversations on virtually ANY subject, and you can listen to a podcast on your smart phone, IPad, or computer. If you need a little help getting started, ask your librarian, a teenager, or a tech savvy volunteer. It's easy and endlessly interesting once you get started.

Senior Days

Many businesses offer discounts or special services on their designated "senior days." Check local businesses, restaurants, movie theaters, and groceries to see if such benefits are available.