Holidays with A Little Help

We are excited to host our Holiday Party on Tuesday, December 7th!

Celebrate and Ring in the Season! Tuesday, December 7th at 6:00 p.m.

We will send you zoom information with your RSVP.

A fun and festive event featuring live music provided by Sound Affects, AND...
a cooking and beverage segment because who doesn’t like to EAT AND SIP?

One of our very own A Little Help staff, Rick Smith is going to help us celebrate and lubricate (or the other way around) by showing us how to make a couple of fun and unique cocktails and an appetizer that were popular at his restaurant in Santa Fe, NM – known for its irreverent fine dining - where he was executive chef/chief cook and bottle washer/line cook, expeditor/bartender/entertainer/busboy/server and equipment repairmen depending on the day of the week and which employee didn’t show up for work usually because of over-indulging the night before). The two signature drinks, Salad in A Glass and Rosemary Infused Clementine Gin and Tonic, were crowd favorites as was an appetizer, New Mexico Braised Buffalo or Beef Short Ribs Barolo!

So, if he can keep them straight, Rick is going to take us through the steps to create these libations and concoctions. He was also going to do a third signature drink, Maria Walks Into A Bar, but we probably won’t have time for that one! We will email you these recipes so you can become your very own cuisinier (not an actual word but it should be - somebody call Webster because it just really rolls off the tongue).

Call your local office or click here to RSVP.