Our Services


Household and Yard Help

A Little Help supports older adults to continue to take pride in their homes and yards. Our homes and yards are often seen as an expression of ourselves. We know many chores become difficult with age, illness, or injury

Intergenerational Activities

Membership in A Little Help includes a variety of social and educational activities. All members are encouraged to attend these community-building events. After all, getting out and getting involved is energizing! Below


A Little Help coordinates round-trip rides with volunteering neighbors. Mobility and access are vital for older adults to maintain good health and a high quality of life. A Little Help leverages the community's capacity

Snow Removal

Snow removal makes a big impact locally. It keeps older adults and pedestrians safe, while adhering to local laws. We match neighbors for the shoveling season to support our older adults to keep their walkways safe

Care Calls and Visits

Care Calls and friendly visits are important points of connection. Through community outreach and Care Calls, we reach older adults who will benefit from our services and empower them to ask for the help they may need.

Caregiver Respite

A Little Help strives to enhance and sustain community. The psychological, spiritual, emotional, and physical weight a primary caregiver bears can be shared by the community, and our Care Share Program works to that end