We are hosting virtual Little Talks as Zoom and call-in meetings.

A Little Help offers a different installment of this series every month and strives to feature relevant and thought-provoking topics with captivating speakers. 

This Month's Little Talk - Household Finances and Taxes

Join us March 17th
Noon to 1:00 p.m. 
Zoom or Call In

February's Little Talk - Vacationing While at Home -See Zoom Recording

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From History Colorado:

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Upcoming Little Talks 

April 14 - Getting your House in Order/Spring Cleaning (and other useful home tricks to help you stay organized) 

May ? - Wellness Check in Day 

Past Month's Little Talks

The Power of Proactive Planning

The Power of Proactive Planning was very informative and something we all should take note of, so We have included a recording of our Little Talk below. Also, included below are the presentations and information given by our presenters. Also, take a moment to check out our page for more resources related to planning for the future. 

December 2020 - A Little Holiday
November 2020 - Staying Safe in Today’s World – Protecting Yourself against Scams and Fraud
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