How We Help

Round-trip rides with volunteering neighbors. The need for transportation and mobility for seniors in ubiquitous. Access to medical care and other health-related outings, to fresh food, and to social engagement is vital
Snow Removal
Help us make a big impact locally by matching with a nearby elder for the winter! Help empower your elder neighbors by shoveling walks. Snow shoveling is an important service- we’re keeping seniors safe and healthy,
One of the many great aspects of A Little Help is our volunteers willingness and desire to have a meaningful and ongoing relationship with our elderly members.
Check-in Calls & Visits
Care Calls and Friendly Visits are important points of connection. Through community outreach and Care Calls, we continue to reach elders who will benefit from our services and empower them to ask for the help they need
Caregiver Respite
A Little Help’s core mission is enhancing and sustaining community- the psychological, spiritual, emotional, and physical weight that a primary caregiver carries needs to be shared by the community and our Care Share
Household & Yard Help
Sometimes we just need a little help to thrive at home. A person’s home is an important part of who they are. Home is often seen as an extension and expression of ourselves. By empowering members to stay in their homes
Social & Educational Activities
Becoming a part of A Little Help includes a variety of social and educational activities. Senior members and volunteering members are encouraged to attend these community building events! A Little Help has adapted a