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Where we are and where we’re going

A Little Help began as a grassroots initiative started by a group of neighbors in Washington Park who held community meetings from 2005-2007. We intentionally started growing our footprint in 2011 to impact more elders with our practical model and continue to grow throughout the Metro area and beyond. As the demographics shift and more Coloradans age and will need to access resources and services, our society needs a solution. Our model responds to this impending ‘Silver Tsunami’ by engaging neighbors of all ages to connect together to enrich the lives of everyone in the community. Good neighbors are a plentiful resource in every community; we tap into that resource to empower our elders to thrive in their own homes and to connect our younger volunteering members a sense of rootedness and history on their block.

A Little Help currently serves older adults and their neighbors in the Metro Denver area. We have Site Teams active in Northwest, Northeast, South Central, and Southeast Denver. We are growing into Lakewood, Boulder, and Chaffee County with the help of incredible neighbors who want to see A Little Help’s services and programs in their community. We are helping neighborhoods celebrate their elders in urban, suburban, and rural areas and would love to work with your community! If you are interested in helping A Little Help come to your block, contact the office today!