How We Help

We connect neighbors to provide care and community

A Little Help connects older adults to volunteers of all ages and the help they provide as well as a variety of programs, educational, and social activities. This gives our older adults increased interaction with neighbors to prevent isolation and loneliness. The list of services provided by our volunteers is long and continues to grow.

For requests beyond our volunteers’ capacity, we connect older adults to other resources such as landscapers, home repair and modification specialists, and home health care practitioners.

The Value in Joining A Little Help

A Little Help connects our older adults to volunteers of all ages to make it possible for them to age well and to overcome barriers to living independently in their own homes. This can help avoid or delay the financial burden of moving to outside facilities. Click here to learn more about how you can save by joining A Little Help.


Our membership contributions are flexible and member-friendly, using a “pay what you can” model.  No matter the size of the contribution, members have access to all of our services, events, and programs.  We believe that ability to pay should not determine whether older adults receive the help they need to stay connected to their community. Join us today, click here.