A Little Help hosts, sponsors, and recommends social, cultural, and educational events and programs to connect neighbors and strengthen communities.

Current activities, events, and programs can be found on our calendars and in our monthly newsletters.

The following are the various ways A Little Help works with our members and volunteers to engage and provide activities and programs in all A Little Help locations.
Interest Groups

We offer interest groups and classes such as book clubs, yoga classes, art classes, and cooking classes. Your suggestions for new groups and activities are always welcome.

Little Talks

We host monthly speakers and panels on some of life’s important, interesting, timely, and fun topics. Our Little Talks are free to all. We just ask that you RSVP for the Little Talks.

Social Gatherings

A Little Help hosts mixers and picnics throughout the year, where members and volunteers can come together to enjoy snacks, drinks and great company.

Service Saturdays

Service Saturdays! are twice-yearly events providing volunteer assistance for older adults with various home maintenance jobs, such as cleaning, organizing, raking, and other household tasks. Service Saturdays! provide many opportunities for intergenerational sharing and getting acquainted.

Little Kindness Days

In lieu of Service Saturdays! in 2020, we created Little Kindness Days to serve our older neighbors' seasonal yard chore needs in pods of 5 to mitigate risk. They are now ongoing events that occur with our volunteers in between our Service Saturdays! A Little Community Days: Are focused and designed for our community corporations, business, and organizations. They can be specifically designed to work for the group and our members needs.