Little Talks

We are hosting virtual Little Talks as Zoom and call-in meetings.

A Little Help offers a different installment of this series every month and strives to feature relevant and thought-provoking topics with captivating speakers. 

Here is your June Little Talk LinkRSVP to join us Wednesday, June 16th at Noon.

  • Robo Calls:  What to do and how to stop them
  • Be Safe Stay Cool:  Safety tips on how to stay cool during hot summer days
  • Summer Driving Safety:  We will have someone from AAA come and talk about staying safe and maintaining your driving skills while on the road this summer.
  • Vaccine Information Update:  Get all the latest news on Covid vaccinations

April's Little Talk was refreshing and enlightening.

We had 4 panelists who helped us see our space and life in a different light. from Happy Organizer, summarized her part as “My quick tip would be: Love what you own, keep only what you use and donate or pass on the rest!” Winifred, a certified professional coach specializing in life transition and transformation, recommended waking up and immediately think of 3 things you are grateful for today. Jenny and Kylie from Thrive Therapy summarized their presentation with a few overall home safety tips:

  • have commonly used items within reach
  • remove throw rugs
  • wear non-skid socks or slippers
  • use night lights and ensure proper lighting
  • in general throughout home remove clutter from common pathways

All of our panelists hope to hear from you if you have further questions or are interested in working with them.

Winifred Lezine, Life Coach: 336-391-1160

Jenny Junker, OTD, OTR/L & Kylie Sleeth, MS, OTR/L, CLIPP
Covell Care office: 970-204-4331

Melissa Adams, Happy Organizer

Our Little Talk Discussed Household Finances and Taxes

Thank you to our speakers. Below is their contact email or phone if would like to contact them.  Also, provided are a few other resources for good tax info.

February's Little Talk - Vacationing While at Home -See Zoom Recording

Also see check out the following websites that were referenced in the Little Talk.


From History Colorado:

From Colorado Tourism:

From Global Exotic Adventures:

Upcoming Little Talks 

April 14 - Getting your House in Order/Spring Cleaning (and other useful home tricks to help you stay organized) 

May ? - Wellness Check-in Day 

Past Month's Little Talks

The Power of Proactive Planning

The Power of Proactive Planning was very informative and something we all should take note of, so We have included a recording of our Little Talk below. Also, included below are the presentations and information given by our presenters. Also, take a moment to check out our page for more resources related to planning for the future. 

December 2020 - A Little Holiday
November 2020 - Staying Safe in Today’s World – Protecting Yourself against Scams and Fraud
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