Service Saturdays


Strengthen and sustain your community through a service day with older adult neighbors. 


Join A Little Help in caring for our older adult neighbors by volunteering for twice-yearly Service Saturday! events. There is a place and role for everyone as we tackle seasonal home and yard tasks in teams. Older adult members offer their home and yards as opportunities for volunteers to assist with seasonal tasks, such as planting, preparing gardens, raking leaves, pulling weeds, washing windows, moving yard furniture into place for the season, seasonal cleaning & organizing, and more... all while enjoying meeting and spending time together. Service Saturday! is an intergenerational event and includes families, students, neighbors, corporate groups, clubs, and schools.

Following each Service Saturday! event, plan on celebrating new friends and all our completed tasks at our signature Service Saturday! Celebrations. Your team will work up an appetite so the Service Saturday! Celebration is the perfect opportunity to join other volunteers for food, drinks, social time, and a few fun activities - AND your first beverage is on us!

A Little Help older members: Please Call to Sign Up and Receive Services

  • Metro Denver/Jefferson County: 720-242-9032
  • Northern Colorado: 970-412-9396
  • Western Slope: 970-404-1923

Service Saturday! Spring 2022: Gather your Team and Register today

Volunteer Registration Tips:

  • Registering your group
    • Designate one person as your group's Team Leader and main contact
    • Gather your teammates and get the email & mobile phone number for each member of your team age 16 and older
    • Groups larger than six people: divide your volunteers and form smaller teams. Designate one Team Leader per team as main contact.
    • Team Leaders will register their whole group on one registration form.
  • Registering a solo volunteer
    • On the registration form, be sure to check that you are registering individually.
    • You will be the main contact for all information about Service Saturday! that A Little Help sends out.
  • Registration Questions? Email

Click on event pages for Volunteer Registration, Schedule, and Details for your Spring 2022 Service Saturday!

Build community through sponsorship. Contact for more information.


Q: What does the schedule look like for Service Saturday?

  • Specific schedule and details can be found by clicking on the event pages for your date.
  • General schedule:
    • 9:00 AM: Volunteer Check-in and Event Kick-Off for team check-in, project updates and changes, supplemental tool check-out, coffee & treats, and a bit of fun. *Note the 9AM start time in 2022!
    • 2-3 hours at designated project home(s).
    • 1:00 PM: Service Saturday! Celebration: After the service projects, you will have worked up an appetite, so join other volunteers for food, drink, social time, and a few fun activities - AND your first drink is on us! Return A Little Help's supplemental tools to the Celebration.

Q: How does Service Saturday affect my community?

  • In addition to completing seasonal tasks for our older adult neighbors, teams also engage socially with the older adults while at their home. A bit of social time benefits all! Your engagement combats loneliness and social isolation and builds connections in the community to help everyone live longer, healthier lives.

Q: Are there any COVID requirements or restrictions with Service Saturday events?

  • Our team continues to operate within the local community objectives and guidelines and recommendations by public health entities as it relates to COVID-19. Given the ever-changing environment, A Little Help guidelines will be updated and refined as we get closer to our Service Saturday! dates. Our policies will be communicated by email and on our website.

Q: What is the ideal volunteer group size for Service Saturday?

  • Most of our members' homes will accommodate 3-6 volunteers per home. Smaller groups and solo volunteers may be combined with other volunteers for an assignment. Groups larger than six volunteers are asked to divide into smaller teams before registering. Corporate outings, please contact A Little Help in your area for specifics about your group.

Q: How is the Service Saturday! registration process different this year?

  • Groups will designate a Team Leader who will fill out one registration form online for the entire group. The Team Leader will gather email and mobile phone numbers prior to registration, as those will be needed to complete the form.
  • Groups will be limited to six volunteers. Larger groups will divide their volunteers into smaller groups of six or less.
  • Solo volunteers will register individually and may be grouped with other volunteers.
  • Team leaders and solo volunteers will select a home off the map provided by email a week before the event.
  • As there are many plans to be made for this type of event, please pre-register your team before your Service Saturday!

Q: Do volunteers need to register in advance?

  • Pre-registration assists A Little Help in planning for a well-organized and enjoyable service event for both volunteers and older adult members. Volunteer teams are able to choose a home assignment during the week previous to the event, so pre-registration helps us to communicate clearly with our older adult members about the expectations for the day and ensures a smoother process on the day of the event. There will be limited walk-up spaces available for volunteers on the day of the event, so if at all possible, please plan on pre-registering for your event.

Q: What about tools and supplies for Service Saturday tasks?

  • We ask that you bring as many of your own tools as possible, for example, favorite yard tools, rakes, gloves, bags, and water bottle. Supplemental tools may be checked out at the 9:00 AM Service Saturday! Volunteer Check-In & Event Kick-Off 
  • Return borrowed tools to the Service Saturday! Celebration after the event.
  • Dress in layers and wear clothes that are comfortable and can get dirty. It may start out cool but warms up quickly! Don't forget your sunscreen!

Q: What if my child has a sporting event and my family can't start right at 9:00 AM or can't stay for 2-3 hours?

  • We will work with you and your busy schedule to make a special accommodation to your family's start/end time. Contact A Little Help to let us know and we will have you call the member at your project home to let them know of a later start time.

Q: Why am I not receiving any informational emails from A Little Help?

  • To ensure you are receiving emails from A Little Help, please add to your contacts, adjust your email settings, or be sure your email provider is not marking our emails as SPAM or junk.

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