Ditch the Desk




Find a day to Ditch the Desk and serve with a group from your business, school, or faith-based organization!

Sometimes we do our best work when we aren't actually in the office, at school, or in our place of worship.

According to a Deloitte 2017 Volunteerism Survey, "Eighty-nine percent of respondents believe that organizations that sponsor volunteer activities offer a better overall working environment." 

Ditch the Desk is a win-win for everyone involved. Older adults feel valued and important, while volunteers leave feeling energized and more connected to their team after working with their group to help their older adult neighbors or community members.

If you have a group interested in a Ditch the Desk day and can set a day aside to partner with A Little Help, please contact your local A Little Help staff member.

Ditch the Desk days can be:

Completing yard work

Working on a large indoor or outdoor project (painting, mending a fence, cleaning out a garage)

Creating Kindness Kits for special occasions that include goodies or useful items, and connecting with our older adult members by delivering them

To arrange a Ditch the Desk day activity, please reach out to an A Little Help staff member in your area:


    It’s always a good day to make a difference. We look forward to hearing from you.