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A Little Help in the Western Slope

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A Little Help started in the Roaring Fork Valley (RFV) in 2018 when several neighbors in Glenwood Springs got together and decided to organize volunteers in the RFV to assist their older neighbors.  They liked the model that A Little Help uses and from there we have grown to an organization of eighty volunteers providing help to forty-five of our older neighbors and the numbers are growing!

A Little Help volunteers shovel snow (we need more of those!!), weed gardens, trim bushes/trees, mow yards, remove broken limbs, do grocery and pharmacy runs, help with outdoor chores like small seasonal house repairs, and sometimes just call to say hi and, while we are in the Covid-19 era, deliver members to and from vaccination appointments. 
The beauty of this volunteer model is that as we recruit more thoughtful volunteers, the list of needs we can meet grows as well! It is such a simple and elegant model.

We have remarkable volunteers ready to reach out and touch lives in any way they can and members whose lives are richer because of it! These people are the lifeblood of our Roaring Fork Valley community – neighbors, parents, sons and daughters, aunts and uncles, friends, students, colleagues, and our older neighbors whose lives and experiences make our community better and richer.

Please call us if you have ideas and thoughts or if you want to volunteer or would like the services and assistance we offer!
We want our family to grow.

We need volunteers who can help provide (Sign Up Here) 

Outreach and event planning
Transportation to medical appointments, groceries,
Outdoor chores
Inside chores or minor handiwork or minor home repairs
Snow shoveling
Technology assistance
Weekly phone check-ins or friendly visits/walks 

Looking to receive some of the above help?  We'd love to get you signed up too!  Click here to complete our application. 

(Pitkin County/Eagle County/Garfield County) Mailing - 2755 S. Locust Street, Suite 220, Denver, Colorado 80222 970-404-1923 Rick Smith, Western Slope Coordinator Rick@alittlhelp.org