A Little Help in the Roaring Fork Valley

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A Little Help started in Roaring Fork in 2018, through an army of local volunteers, is here to empower people of ALL ages to lend a helping hand – small or large – to local older adults. From swapping seasonal boxes from their high shelves to rides to the grocery store. We encourage intergenerational connections that make a community, a connected community.  Overflowing gutters, weedy gardens, empty refrigerators and pantries, fallen limbs, peeling paint, foggy windows, burnt out bulbs, rundown batteries in ceiling smoke detectors … and the loneliness, 24/7, where the quiet is just a reminder of what and who is forgotten … a collection of memories that have lost their ability to fill the social isolation of this day, week and another year. These are members of the Roaring Fork Valley community – our neighbors, somebody’s parent, a brother, a sister, a friend – people who deserve to be celebrated. 

If you would like to see more of A Little Help in your neighborhood, we would love to hear from you.  We are always looking for folks who want to help us get things started.  It all starts with volunteers who are ready and willing to give just a little time. 

We need volunteers who can help provide (Sign Up Here) 

Outreach and event planning
Transportation to medical appointments, groceries,
Outdoor chores
Inside chores or minor handiwork or minor home repairs
Snow shoveling
Technology assistance
Weekly phone check-ins or friendly visits/walks 

Looking to receive some of the above help?  We'd love to get you signed up too!  Click here to complete our application. 

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