Get Involved

A Little Help is here to connect neighbors

We pride ourselves on providing a variety of ways for individuals, organizations, companies, school, students, and families to get involved with A Little Help and your community. 


The best way to make a connection with the older adults in your community and neighborhood. It is on your time with your compassion.Join Today as a Volunteer

Ditch the Desk (Group Projects)

Are you an employee of an organization or company looking for ways to give back to the community and do a little bonding at the same time? Ditch the Desk events are focused and designed for our community partners, including corporations, business, and organizations. These fun days of service can be curated to meet your group's needs, and those of our older members. 


A Little Help works with a variety of partners and sponsors that bring additional value to our members and we look forward to adding to that list.


We want to find great quality interns: this means we don’t have a set number we look for at any time. We have specific intern roles and job descriptions and are also happy to support personally organized internships set up directly with us. 

Events and Programs

Current activities, events, and programs can be found on our calendars and in our monthly newsletters.

Little Talks

We host monthly speakers and panels on some of life’s important, interesting, timely, and fun topics. Our Little Talks are free to all- we just ask that you RSVP.

Social Gatherings

A Little Help hosts integenerational events and picnics throughout the year, where members and volunteers can come together to enjoy snacks, drinks, and great company.

Interest Groups

We offer interest groups and classes such as book clubs, yoga classes, art classes, and cooking classes. Your suggestions for new groups and activities are always welcome.

Service Saturdays

Service Saturdays! are twice-yearly events providing volunteer assistance for older adults with various home maintenance jobs, such as cleaning, organizing, raking, and other household tasks. Service Saturdays! provide many opportunities for intergenerational sharing and getting acquainted.